2022 Jun 13

Taiwan Excellence 2022 Smart Medical Applications Webinar

Taiwan indicates more than just IoT flexibility, its potential and capability of innovation in medical technology applications will continue to stun the world

Taiwan has a strong healthcare industry combined with a well-developed ICT environment that provides a solid foundation for industry development and innovation. Taiwan has been serving as one of the top-ranking medical service providers in Asia. As a result of the pandemic, healthcare industries around the world have been forced to adapt from isolated, concentrated units to a more diversified and mobilized matrix, with an increasing demand for Telemedicine and smart medical devices. Through its combination of software and hardware integration strengths, Taiwan’s healthcare industry is ready and willing to embrace these changes and share its experience and accomplishments with the rest of the world. To do so, Taiwan Excellence has put in all efforts to expand and explore the possibilities of AI applications and cloud database technologies to create a rich portfolio of products which will forge new international business opportunities overseas. All of these innovative solutions will highlight the brand value and solid capabilities of Taiwan's healthcare sector.

Enhance every experience with excellence, Taiwan Excellence.

Featured talks:

  • Representative from Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association (TMBIA)

  • Matthew Hui-Ming Ma, M.D., Ph. D., Vice Superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital, Yunlin Branch

    Premiere Time: [Notice: New date released]

    Date:June 16th , 2022

    (UTC+10) 18:00 Melbourne /(UTC+9) 17:00 Tokyo, Seoul /(UTC+8) 16:00 Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore /(UTC+7) 15:00 Bangkok, Jakarta, HCMC /(UTC+2) 10: 00 Milan, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Warsaw, Prague / (UTC+1) 09:00 London /(UTC-5) 04:00 EST, Eastern US(UTC-6) 01:00 PST, Pacific US

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